Trophy Buckles

KO Trading Offers High-Quality Custom Handmade Buckles at an affordable price. All buckles are customized to fit your needs. Please call us for information and pricing.

Options Available:
Engraved back/Non Engraved back
Stones/No Stones
Trims Available: Rope/Flat/Berry/Barbwire/Bead/Scalloped/None

Custom Buckle Cups
(20 oz$130.00 )
(30 oz$140.00 )


KO-01 ($99.00)

KO-02 ($99.00)

KO-03 ($99.00)

KO-04 ($99.00)

KO-05 ($99.00)

KO-06 ($99.00)


KO-07 ($99.00)

KO-08 ($99.00)

KO-09 ($99.00)

KO-10 ($99.00)

KO-11 ($99.00)

KO-12 ($99.00)

KO-13 ($99.00)

KO-14 ($99.00)

KO-15 ($99.00)

KO-16 ($99.00)

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