Trophy Buckles

KO TRADING takes pride in our ability to produce the finest handmade trophy buckles at affordable prices that everyone will love!
And as you can see, intricate and detailed work is a KO TRADING specialty.
All buckles are hand crafted and customized to fit your needs.
Please call us for information and pricing.
Normal Delivery time is four to six weeks.

Options Available:
Engraved back/Non Engraved back
Stones/No Stones
Trims Available: Rope/Flat/Berry/Barbwire/Bead/Scalloped/None

Custom Buckle Cups
(20 oz$130.00 )
(30 oz$140.00 )

Custom Trophy Buckles




KO-01 ($99.00)



KO-02 ($99.00)



KO-03 ($99.00)



KO-04 ($99.00)



KO-05 ($99.00)



KO-06 ($99.00)




KO-07 ($99.00)



KO-08 ($99.00)



KO-09 ($99.00)



KO-10 ($99.00)



KO-11 ($99.00)



KO-12 ($99.00)



KO-13 ($99.00)



KO-14 ($99.00)



KO-15 ($99.00)



KO-16 ($99.00)

4 thoughts on “Trophy Buckles

  1. I am looking to have 1-2 custom buckles made. Y’all have made one for me previously and it’s time for some upgrades. What is best way to contact you?

  2. Good Morning Edwina,

    Yes that buckle can be made with Pink stones.
    Any of the buckles can be made with any color of stones you like.
    Also< I received an email from you and I responded to it as well.
    My name is Charlcie Horne.

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