Custom Hardware Breastcollars
Any horse will certainly stand out in the lineup wearing one of these handsome
KO TRADING Breastcollars!
Choose from a variety of styles and tooling patterns.
Put the finishing touch on your breastcollar with our Custom Hardware or Laser Engraving!
BR-1 through BR-6 feature a 2″ Custom Concho.
Normal delivery time is four to six weeks.
For more Concho options, see Conchos.

Lasered Breastcollars

BR-7 = $75.00 each
BR-8 = $85.00 each
BR-9 = With Stock Concho – $135.00 each OR $187.00 with 2” Custom Concho
BR-10 = Discontinued
BR-11 = $135.00 each (With Stock Concho) OR $187.00 with 2” Custom Concho
BR-12 = $135.00 each (With Stock Concho) OR $187.00 with 2” Custom Concho
BR-13 = $140.00 each
BR-14 = $140.00 each
BR-15 = $95.00 each

Breastcollars copy


BR-15 Plain Breastcollar